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Quesadilla’s and More......

GLUTEN FREE? Try our gluten free Quesadilla’s

California quesadilla: tortilla w/ sour cream, avocado, shredded cheese $6.50

Chicken quesadilla: tortilla w/ chicken and cheese $7.50

Steak quesadilla: tortilla w/ steak and cheese $7.95

Chicken Fingers w/ french fries $7.65

Chicken Loretta: grilled chicken topped w/ artichoke, tomatoes, sauteed spinach,

melted mozzarella w/ sauteed veggies $7.25

Penne Vodka $6.50 W/ Chicken: $7.50 W/ Shrimp: $7.95

Simply Penne: tossed w/ tomato basil sauce and fresh mozzarella $6.50

Garden Penne: artichokes, spinach, sundried tomatoes, garlic sauce and parmesan cheese $6.75


All Quesadilla’s served with homemade salsa, sour cream & tortilla chips


Celebrity Corner

Big Mike: chicken salad on italian roll w/ jack cheese and roasted peppers

Sandwich $7.25 Wrap: $7.65

The Matt: breaded chicken, crisp prosciutto,& melted mozzarella, greens,balsamic on

foccacia Sandwich $7.25 Wrap $7.65

Tongue Burner: cajun chicken, pepperjack cheese, cajun mayo, on a roll

Sandwich $6.95 Wrap $7.30 (Kevin’s fav)

The Jason: sauteed spinach, grilled chicken, melted provolone, on roll w/ balsamic.

Sandwich $6.95 Wrap $7.30

The Jen: pepperjack, grilled chicken roasted peppers, on grilled focaccia

Sandwich $6.95 Wrap $7.30

The Jose: cajun chicken, sauteed spinach, bacon, pepperjack cheese cajun mayo,

grilled focaccia bread Sandwich $7.25 Wrap $7.75

Amish Wrap: grilled chicken, balsamic, provolone, crisp prosciutto, greens $7.25

Nick Wrap: grilled chicken, crisp prosciutto, fresh mozz, balsamic, mayo, greens $7.65

Rene Wrap: breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella, balsamic, lettuce, tomato $7.65

Steve’s Wrap: breaded chicken, ham & melted swiss, lettuce, honey must. $7.65

The Maxwell: Roastbeef, saute onion, horseradish sauce on grilled focaccia $7.25



Pinwheel’s are like wraps in 6 pieces w/ chopped lettuce.

Tuna w/ balsamic or mayo $7.05

Ham w/ honey mustard or mustard $6.95

Roastbeef w/ horseradish mayo $7.05

Turkey w/ honey must. or herb mayo $7.05

Grilled veggies w/ pesto $6.95

Chicken caesar $6.95

Fresh mozzarella & tomato w/ pesto $6.95

Turkey BLT $7.25



GLUTEN FREE? Try our gluten free Udi’s bread or wrap

Served with our homemade chips and pickle


Specify sandwich or wrap when ordering

1. Oven roasted turkey, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and herb mayo on grain bread.

Sandwich $6.60 Wrap $7.15

2. Salami, ham, provolone, roasted peppers, lettuce & tomato w/ balsamic on italian

roll Sandwich $ 6.75 Wrap $7.25

3. Roast beef sauteed w/Jose’s secret sauce mushrooms & onions on a roll $6.85

w/ American cheese $7.25

4. Roast beef, horseradish sauce, lettuce & tomato on grain bread.

Sandwich $ 6.60 Wrap $7.15

5. Breaded chicken lettuce, tomato herb mayo on roll.

Sandwich $ 6.60 Wrap $7.15

6. Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, herb mayo on roll.

Sandwich $ 6.60 Wrap $7.15

7. Grilled veggies & roasted peppers on a roll w/ lettuce & balsamic

Sandwich $ 6.25 Wrap $6.95

8. Roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella & sundried tomato w/ pesto on foccacia bread.

Sandwich $7.25 Wrap $7.45

9A. Grilled roastbeef & pepperjack cheese wrap $7.25

9B. Grilled chicken & pepperjack cheese wrap $7.25

10. Avocado, lettuce, tomato, grilled portobello, balsamic on a roll.

Sandwich $6.15 Wrap $6.45

11. Black forest ham & jack cheese mustard ,lettuce, tomato on rye.

Sandwich $6.60 Wrap $6.95

12. Portobello mushroom, roasted peppers, greens, balsamic on foccacia .

Sandwich $6.65 Wrap $6.95

13. Grilled chicken, greens & crisp prosciutto on a roll w/ balsamic.

Sandwich $6.60 Wrap $7.05

14. Oven roasted turkey w/ brie cheese, & apple cranberry dressing on grain.

Sandwich $ 6.95 Wrap $7.30

15A. TURKEY Pastrami or CORNED BEEF melted swiss, mustard, lettuce and

tomato on rye. SPECIFY PLEASE Sandwich $7.15 Wrap $7.95

15B. TURKEY Pastrami or CORNED BEEF SLOPPY JO (coleslaw, russian dressing,

swiss) SPECIFY PLEASE Sandwich $ 7.15 Wrap $7.95

16A. Tuna salad on roll lettuce tomato. Sandwich $6.75 Wrap $7.25

16B. Chicken salad on roll lettuce, tomato. Sandwich $6.75 Wrap $7.25

17. Turkey, avocado, swiss melt on toasted grain bread.

Sandwich $6.95 Wrap $7.25

18. Tuna melt w/ pepperjack cheese on toasted grain bread.

Sandwich $6.95 Wrap $7.25

19. Bacon, lettuce, tomato mayo on toasted grain bread.

Sandwich $6.45 Wrap $6.95 ADD: Turkey $1.50

20. Grilled chicken & grill veggies, roast peppers on focaccia w/ balsamic

Sandwich $6.60 Wrap $7.25


Comfort Zone Sandwiches

CZ1: Sausage pepper onion smothered in tomato basil sauce on roll $6.95

CZ2: Open faced turkey day: turkey and gravy over toasted bread with apple

cranberry sauce on the side $6.95

CZ3: Grilled cheese on grain bread $5.95 ADD: bacon & tomato $6.95





PLEASE SPECIFY DRESSING: balsamic, caesar, honey mustard, peppercorn

parmesan, basil balsamic, raspberry, lemon vinegarette



Chicken $1.50 Shrimp: $2.00  Steak $2.50

Chicken salad $1.75 Tuna salad $1.75


Caesar Lg. $5.25 Sm. $2.95

Garden Lg. $ 5.95 Sm. $3.25

House: greens, artichokes, peppers, pasta salad $ 6.00

Theresa: greens, grilled onions, tomatoes, candied walnuts $6.35

Valerie: greens, crisp prosciutto, roasted peppers, parmesan cheese $6.00

Delany: greens, artichokes, peppers, mozzarella, avocado $6.45

Allison: greens, goat cheese, apples, oranges, candied walnuts $6.35

Jimmy: greens, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, roasted peppers, onions w/ tuna melt on top $7.75

Gabriella: greens, sliced apples, grapes, pecans $6.00

Harvest: greens, dried cranberries, pecans, grill apples, goat ch. $6.35

Antipasto: greens, ham, salami, prosciutto, fresh mozz, provolone, roasted peppers,

olives, artichokes $7.95

Athens: greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, feta, roasted peppers $6.25

Lilly’s Fav: greens, grilled onion, tomatoes, bacon, goat cheese, avocado, candied walnuts $8.95



Flat Bread Panini’s

GLUTEN FREE? Try these on our gluten free Udi’s Bread or Wrap


P1: Four cheese and avocado $6.50

P2: Ruben: Turkey pastrami or corned beef SPECIFY PLEASE $7.35

P3: Crisp prosciutto, fresh mozarella, tomato, pesto $7.35

P4: Turkey Cuban: mustard, pickle, swiss, turkey $7.35



roasted red peppers $.75 sundried tomatoes $.75

bacon $1.00 grilled veggies $1.00 avocado $1.00

portobello $1.00 grilled onion $.65 crisp prosciutto $1.85 artichokes $.65 candied walnuts $1.00 tomato $.35

extra dressing/condiment $.40

grilled or breaded chicken $1.75


SLICED CHEESES: pepper jack, jack, provolone, swiss, american, $.85

GOURMET CHEESES: fresh mozzarella, goat, brie, feta $1.25



Homemade Chips and Salsa: Sm. $2.50 Lg. $4.95

#1 Pasta salad: fresh mozz, tomato, balsamic $2.95 w/ grilled chicken $4.50

#2 Pasta salad: pesto, sundried tomato, parmesan $2.95

Grilled or Sauteed Veggies $2.95

Sweet Potato Fries $3.00

French fries $3.00 Truffle fries $3.25 Cajun fries $3.25

American cheese fries $4.00

Poutine Fries: (Melted cheese curd and gravy) $4.75

Mac and cheese bites $3.95

Chicken salad $3.50 White Tuna salad $3.50

Grilled or Breaded Chicken $3.50


Gluten Free wrap’s and bread upon request

"Ask not what you

can do for your country.

Ask what's for lunch."

"Ask not what you

can do for your country.

Ask what's for lunch."

-Orsen Wells

-Orsen Wells


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